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“Do you ever use public wifi? Have important files at home that you always want access to? Movies/music/TV shows you’d want to watch or listen to from anywhere? Security cameras? Travel to other countries that might block certain traffic? Does your work have an Internet filter or you don’t want them to know you actually just surf Reddit all day? (If my boss is reading this, I swear I don’t do the last one)

There’s a TON of reasons why having VPN access to your home network is not only awesome, but necessary if you ever want to use any public wifi securely. With packet analyzers being widely available and free (even as phone apps or as browser add-ons), hacking software being easier to use, and identity theft constantly being on the rise, it’s definitely important you make sure your information is as safe as possible. This tutorial will show you how to easily install OpenVPN on CentOS 7 and connect to it over the Internet so you can be happy knowing all of your traffic is encrypted and safe…”

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