$50 Laptop Backpack for $10? Yes… yes please ;)

Skip reading… CLICK HERE to go straight to Amazon to view backpack details. FYI – this link is a “referral” link

So, the kiddo is CRAZZZZZYYYY particular about her school backpacks… and isn’t exactly a gentle bag user.

We just got to the end of the school year… and her “very favorite ever” backpack is toast. Knowing that I would inevitably manage to forget she needed a replacement until we were suddenly scrambling at the end of the summer I decided to be proactive and get it ASAP.

I’m also … uhm… sort of cheap. I don’t think “thrifty” does me justice. I’m am epically, innately, down to my very core, a cheapo. But, when you have a child who tends to be tough on her bags, saving money can be a trap as the cheap ones tend to bite the dust very quickly.

So, I decided instead to check my Amazon Associates “Promotions” Tab (full disclosure, link below has my referral code) to see if there were any unexpectedly large discounts available. I was pleasantly surprised to find a 60% off code for SwissDigital. So this $50.99 super padded, perfectly sized for a 12 year old, ready to cradle her various well-loved devices backpack became just over $20…

And then I added saved points from my Amazon Store Card (I purchase from Amazon almost always via their card because you get 5% back… which adds up quickly if you’re someone who does a lot of household and individual shopping online. But I stick to using it and then paying it off every month – otherwise the 5% back doesn’t really matter. More details HERE about the card.)

Thus the almost 5-Star ratings, perfect new school bag became a $10.34 find. Yep. 80% savings. I *LOOOOOOOVE* it when a little extra research pays off 😀

Links & Expiration Details:

  • CLICK HERE to view the bag details & activate the 60% off code.
  • The code expires on JUNE 28, 2018 or “while supplies last”

Amazon Store Card Details

  • 5% back on Amazon.com purchases
  • 6 month “Special Financing” (usually 0%) on purchases $149+
  • 12 months for purchases over $599
  • Can add up quickly if you shop online a lot
  • Downside to earned points – you can only use points for purchases you make using the card as your payment source. So, my advice … plan to pay off before any interest is accrued or the savings becomes sort of pointless

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