Amazing Tutorial: Image Manipulation in Python via Codementor

REALLLLLY incredible tutorial written by Isai B. Cicourel on that covers how to create the following filters (image credit belongs to the original source!)

Image filters are not only something we use to make our pictures on social networking sites look cool, they are useful and powerful techniques for processing videos and images not only for printing in an offset; but also to compress and improve playback and speed of on-demand services.

The rest of the tutorial will show you how to transform an image with different filters and techniques to deliver different outputs. These methods are still in use and part of a process known as Computer-To-Plate (CTP), used to create a direct output from an image file to a photographic film or plate (depending on the process), which are employed in industrial machines like the ones from Heidelberg.

This tutorial will give you insight into the filters and techniques used to transform images, some international image standards, and hopefully, some interest in the history of printing.

Source: Image Manipulation in Python | Codementor

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